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CheeseCaked offers a variety of individually-sized cheesecakes with flavors including French toast and bacon, strawberry shortcake and cannoli. The menu also features paninis and milkshakes.

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Sister Circle: Cheesecaked Shake
Down with Tiny + Tameka of Xscape – May 15, 2019

From Simply Buckhead July 2018

Shawn, what is the secret to success ?

Patience, consistency and creativity. My secret weapon has been my awesome social media manager. She has been able to get Cheese- Caked noticed on the biggest platform today. It will be amazing if the TV show works out; it’s such an awesome opportunity. To be on such a prominent network and to share what we do would be more than I’ve ever dreamed of.

The ‘Strahan & Sara’ Milkshake

Shawn Brown from Atlanta’s CheeseCaked creates the “What’s Poppin’ Honey Bun Cheesecake” shake for “Strahan and Sara.”

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